Zodiac Signs Compatibility

This site is for all of you lovers out there, trying to work out if the person you’re with is the one for you!

Or alternatively, trying to work out why you don’t get along as well as you expect, and are trying to understand the differences between you and how you can get along better (there are always going to be differences!)

When looking at compatibility between zodiac signs we don’t just look at the compatibility of the sun signs – we like to look at the compatibility between all the planets, the moon, and the rising sign (ascendant).

To get a complete compatibility report which will show everything in your astrology chart relates to your partner’s, then get a copy of our “complete love report” now. In astrology we call this a “synastry” chart.

If you’re already in a relationship and want to know how that relationship will develop over time, then get our “complete relationship report.” This won’t show how you will relate as individuals, but how your relationship itself will be. In astrology we call this a “composite” chart.